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People on benefits earning their money (menial work for the govt)

1 Comment 2nd July 2010

I think people who are recieving benefits should at least be used by the government/local town. Get them to sweep the streets, clean government offices, paint the roads.

These are work that anyone can do but the government currently has to pay for someone to do it. If we get people who recieve benefits to do these menial jobs in exchange of them recieving benefits, government saves money and at the same time benefit scroungers will be put off by being forced to do menial jobs.

Why does this matter?

It will be a win win situation for the government. You deter people from asking for benefits and also you save more tax payers money by paying someone else to do these jobs.

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One Response to People on benefits earning their money (menial work for the govt)

  1. Katy says:

    This sounds deeply humiliating and degrading – treating the unemployed like criminals. Most people before losing their jobs will have paid a huge amount of tax over the years. Therefore it’s only right that when they’re struggling to find work that they should get some money back.

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