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people who earn more pay more

Comment 6th July 2010

People who earn more money than the average household like football players should pay a higher rate of tax. Footballers earn more money in for every game they play than most middle class families earn in a year. They play a game which they call a job but the public can only play as a leisurable game. Footballers should pay at least 70% tax that would still leave them with enought to have the pleasant life styles they enjoy. Also after the world cup it shows how useless and worthless the money footballers are given is to the way they play. People who earn over £200,000 a year should pay more tax, including bankers. Also footballers brought in from other countries and earn more than families earn in a life time in just one year should pay more tax aswell as a thank you for their acceptance in to the British society.

Why does this matter?

It makes them who think they are all high and mighty, give more to the country because of what they have got out of the country most of the time from doing easy jobs.

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