Performance Indicators

Reduce or get rid of perfomrance indicators imposed on the public sector.  It has created an industry in itself in the collection of unnecessary data which does not add any value to the organisation collecting it.  Data is demanded but a number of different depts in different formats with different parameters and is collected for the sake of collecting it – not because anyone does anything with it!

In the organisation in which I work I estimate that around £1millon could be saved if beans stopped being counted.

Allow organisations to measure thier own performance, concentrate on the big issues they are looking to solve instead of supplying data that no one does anything with!

Why does this idea matter?

Significant reduction in cost to organisations and whole sectors such as the NHS and Local Government.  Performance Indicators prove little about service delivery and organisational success or failure.  They add little value and it all becomes a numbers game. Empower people in organisations to make a difference – they really want to!

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