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Permit the drinking of alcohol in parks

Comment 10th July 2010


Pimms in The Park? Sorry that's illegal!

What better than a tall cool glass of Pimms in the park on a Sunday afternoon? 

Sounds great doesn't it?

Well I was recently at a party in Mount Street Gardens in Mayfair. 

The sandwiches were delicious; and so was the Pimms (right). 

As it happens drinking alcohol in many parks, including Mount Street Gardens, is illegal.

My delicious but illegal Pimms in The Park brings home that there are just far too many regulations now in the UK and it is about time they were swept away.

Drinking alcohol should be permitted in public parks.

What could be the supposed issues?

Drunks start abusing others, getting violent and urinating in the park maybe. And alcohol generates litter with the empties being strewn on the grass.

Well does it really matter if the hooligans and degenerates in the park getting violent, abusive and urinating are drunk or stone cold sober? Not a bit. 

And there are plenty of sober litterbugs. I have just crossed Hyde Park and saw perfectly sober concert goers openly drop their litter in the park. The place will be a mess in a few hours.

As for urinating in parks, there should be more urinals. I have an enlarged prostate – boasting again 😉 and need to urinate frequently. There should be more urinals.

Why does this matter?

A civilised picnic in the park should be permitted. Alcohol isn't a problem. Degenerate anti-socials are a problem whether drunk or sober.

Alcohol isn't a problem. Some people fall asleep; others get talkative; some get flirty; and others get violent.

A violent person will be violent drunk or stone cold sober. Recent gun crimes in the North of England were carried out by two sober men. 

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