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Pharmacy-PGDs should be national and not Local

Comment 19th August 2010

PGDs should be nationally available rather than locally this includes service specifications and claims procedures. Many PCTs and trusts are dealing with the same issues and agenda facing healthcare and many PGDs are developed to adress these issues. By having generic PGDs nationally will allow continuity of care, allow those pharmacies/health providers to address patients living across PCT boarders, and play a part in reducing the burden facing the NHS. By doing this it would allow other services to be delivered in the same way. Chlymida is a national problem why does it have to be tackled through local policies and PGDs? This would most certainly reduce costs in so many ways e.g. Training by PCTs, drug budgets etc. This will also allow for effective competition which relates to a need from the white paper.

Why does this matter?

This would allow Pharmacists to adress public health on a much wider scale, and make priorities tackable.

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