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Phase out Commercial Attaches at overseas embassies

Comment 7th July 2010

The majority of Commercial Officers based at our overseas embassies are not cost effective and, at very least, they  should not be replaced when  their contracts expire. The services they provide can easily be provided by commercial organizations at no cost to the British tax payer.

I have been involved in exporting British manufactured building products for nearly 35 years and whenever I have had contact with our overseas embassies, I have been disappointed with the assistance provided.  We are constantly bombarded by e-mails from UKTI and various companies claiming to offer subsidised missions etc, but I feel strongly that this work could be carried out more effectively by commercial organizations without tax payer support or Chambers of Commerce if  a networking/ talking shop is required.

Why does this matter?

It is important because, particularly now, we need to cut down on government waste; namely government getting involved in things it should not need to concern itself with. We need less government.

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