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Photographers are *still* being harrassed by police – 2nd August.

Comment 15th June 2020

Despite the coalition's efforts in this area, the police still don't get it: they are our public servants, paid for by taxpayers, and not the Stasi in some police state or other.

This article describes how a photographer was treated by police in Hackney, London, on 31st July 2010 – well after new guidelines had been issued:

(It's also really annoying that you can't cut & paste things to/from this site, by the way!)

You need to remind the police – YET AGAIN – of the law in this area and how they are meant to be implementing it in the public interest, not in their interest – or ignoring the law for no reason at all!

Why does this matter?

Because we live in a democracy under the rule of law and the police should abide by the law and by the guidance issued by the government of the day regarding how the law should be implemented.

And because policemen who are too stupid/aggressive to understand (or stay within) the law shouldn’t be out on the streets!

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