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Comment 6th July 2010

Gordon brown had agreed to clarify the laws on photography which are unclear and open to abuse by officialdom

Photography is allowed everywhere, photographs can only be deleted by appearance before a judge in court.

The law on the Prevention of Terrorism should be amended and  to clarified.

Prohiblited Areas by MOD etc should be as they are now.Any police officer or other person who removes an image with out an individual appearnce before a judge is guilty of assault.

Why does this matter?

This will prevent the growth of illegal police actions which interfere with the freedom of the press Return  the ability of all parents to keep a family record  in photograph or film.

Allow photographs of infringements of planning conditions to be entered as evidence. i am sure they are now but we still meet officious planning officers who use this to cover up evdence of  individual malfeasance.

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