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Planning rules for solar PV panels in a Conservation area

Comment 23rd September 2011

I aim to install solar PV panels under the FITS system on the shed roof  at  my home, which is in a Conservation Area. I would not require planning permission if I placed the panels on my house, but I do if I put them on the shed, even though both roofs are not on their principal or side elevations. The panels might be visible from a dead-end farm lane, quarter of a mile away across a river valley, in winter, when the leaves have fallen fom the trees. This then requires Planning Pemission for PV panels on the shed roof, but not on the house roof, even though the roofs could be identical in size and orientation. I have just submitted over 60 sheets of paper and plans and a cheque for 150 pounds to Cornwall Council. This is clearly anomalous.

The relevant legislation is SI 675 of 2008, The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Amendment) (England) Order 2008, Part 40, Class A, para A.1.  The anomaly could be removed by repealing A.1.(c)(ii), and inserting " or or a building within its curtilage" after the word "dwellinghouse" in A.1.(c)(i).

Why does this matter?

The Government wishes to encourage microgeneration, and this suggestion would remove one unnecessary hurdle  to PV installationin Conservation Areas..

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