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Please can I not be treated as an honest citizen?

Comment 14th July 2010

Please can you rescind those laws that treat me not as an honest citizen but as a potential criminal. These laws are those that 1) require me to undergo a police criminal records check if I want to work with children, I am not a paedophile, 2) do not let me carry onto an aeroplane liquids in excess of 100ml, to take off my belt and shoes when passing through security, I am not a terrorist, 3) require me to present my passport when I want to wire money abroad, I am not a money launderer, drug dealer or terrorist, 3) allow my bank and building society to pass my name and financial details to credit agencies, I am not a debtor or a bankrupt or a fraudster.

Why does this matter?

I do not see why I should be inconvenienced or subjected to indignities when I am a lw abiding citizen. Or should I just buckle down under in this POLICE STATE?

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