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Political Correctness

Comment 9th July 2010


Politicalcorrectness or politically correct; commonly abbreviated to PC is a term which identifies language ideas, policies, and behaviour which some claim minimize the social and institutional offence in occupational, gender, racial, cultural, sexual orientation, disability, and age-related contexts. Thus, road sweepers, a perfectly honourable occupation, are now referred to a “highway technicians,” the chairman of a committee is now “the Chair” and to prevent any offence to the ultra sensitive, “ba ba black sheep” must never be heard at all, in case of causing racist offence. As for the relationship between Noddy and Big Ears, well that area is fraught with hand wringing anxieties.

Why does this matter?


Let us just ban all this nonsense. We have a wonderful language, and it is a shame that it is being sterilized by introducing neutral words to describe people or professions in a way, which cannot cause offence. Writing anything which is for dissemination is now a veritable mine field there seems to be always one person, only too willing to take offence at non-inclusive language, or the use of gender orientated language. it is all nonsense.

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