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Population Control and Global Warming.

Comment 30th July 2010

The world is overpopulated. Global warming is the result of there being too many people not a few of them driving 4x4s.

Any couple who has more than 2 children are selfishly voting for massive population increase and hence massive increases in energy consumption. It is not an excuse to say the average is less, a third child equals 50% increase.

A target should be set for population reduction by rewarding those with 1 or fewer children and penalising the rabbits. Reduction by 5 million every 10 years would be sensible until a total of about 40 million is reached.

There would be huge financial benefits with reduced medical, then school costs, then housing costs and elimination of unemployment.

Why does this matter?

It must be recognised that overpopulation is the most serious current threat to the country.

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