Portable CRB Check.

I am a school Governor, Young Enterprise Mentor and Chairman/Trustee of the local Home-Start scheme. For each of these I have had to complete a CRB form which costs £70+ on each occasion and with a significant delay betwee application and clearance.

Is it not possible to devise a method whereby individuals seek their CRB check once and that this becomes portable within a specified timeframe of (say) three years at which point, a review takes place automatically? This should not only save a significant amount of money but also cut out the cynicism at the thought that this is just a revenue generation activity!

Why does this idea matter?

The credibility of "Every Child Matters" and the safe-keeping agenda is vital and many 'good' folk are turned off from their desire to volunteer to help in the young family arena because of the perceived difficulty (and intrusion) of having to go through the CRB process every time they move into a new field where criminal records might be a factor in deciding whether the person is acceptable or not for the role they are offering themselves for.

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  1. Luciana Kabeya | 09/02/2012 at 1:13 pm | Reply

    I am a single mother of two children and also a qualified Teacher. I took a break from the teaching profession. Since last year, I tried to return into teaching with limited luck for two reasons:

    —constantly have to pay for CRB to different education agencies when I am not sure of getting a job. Up to today, I spent already 3*46 pounds on CRB and I am still out of work. As a French citizen, I apply for the same CRB in France. First, It cost me nothing and second I could ask for 5 copies.
    What is the difference between UK and France. Or it is another way of taking money out off people pocket specially vulnerable single parents like me. To be honest, I feel very distress. My civil liberty has been reduced to nothing. It looks like, I am paying the CRB people to get rich and my own children to live in proverty due to the CRB issue.
    —my teaching qualification seemed to be not recognised because I have been off taking care of my children. Once again, I am still paying for my loan I took while I was doing my PGCE and schools, government seem to let me know, my qualification or training as a teacher is out of date. So, I have to do voluntary to show them again I am fit for teaching. What a frustration and lost for my children. Today, I do not know what direction to take in my life because a group of decided for my children and I.
    I love teaching but It was a big mistake for me to go into teaching career and pay a fortune to university to do this qualification or trainin. The only persons who are suffering at the moment due to the penalised circumstances of my life are my children. So, England when you are talking about children suffering on TV or some muppets going on TV or talking on radio about something they do not even know, it is better to ask the real people, single mothers or parents with young children.


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