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1 Comment 13th July 2010

Pray with patients staff and public

Why does this matter?

Why on earth should someone be sacked for offering to pray with a patient.

Florence Nightingale used to pray with her patients

It is red tape gone mad

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One Response to Praying

  1. J W says:

    I dont pay taxes for nurses to pray with patients. praying never cured anyone. the NHS needs all the help and money it can get to CURE people.

    if a nurse and patient want to pray they are free to do it on their own time.

    imagine a firefighter turns up at your burning house but then stops to have a few minutes praying time before putting it out! insanity.

    nurses are overworked as it is, they are paid to work, they need to stop wasting time praying.

    it is not red tape, its reality. welcome to the real world. praying never helped anyone.

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