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Prescription Limits

Comment 13th July 2010

Stop the requirement to only issue a maximum of 28 days of whatever medicine ir pills are prescribed by the GP.  Allow the GP, in consultation and agreement with the patient, to set the number of pills and/or medicines for such patient.

It is time to pass responsibility (and authority) back to the individual involved and his/her doctor. 

Why does this matter?

This is an innordinate waste of money on several counts:

—  Manufacturers have to package all prescription to fit the 28 day limit.  This adds significantly to the cost of the medicine.

—  Visits to the GP are increased dramatically, thus wasting much of the GP's time and adding much to the cost of the NHS. 

— It wastes time for each individual ti have to schedule appointments with the GP.

— Adminstrative tracking for all patients becomes very difficult and costly.

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