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Comment 12th July 2010

Horrified to hear of Brian Binley's regressive "smoking ban" proposal. Cannot believe that it is being taken seriously. Anyone who has experienced any of the effects of lung cancer would be incredulousThe pubs that are closing should introduce better fare & entice a wider public. Killing the clientele by encouraging them to smoke "is crazy" when smoking is being discouraged., quite rightly by NHS adverts. I'.ve visited some "quiet" local pubs before the ban, where you get stared at when entering, as if it were a smoking den just for the regulars. If such establishments can't exist now, after the ban, they're obviously not wanted by enough people in their present set up so think CREATIVELY! i've been a loyal Tory voter but if this proposal was introduced I would never vote Tory again – I feel so strongly about it. 

Why does this matter?

It's important for obvious reasons but also if you want to be taken seriously as a credulous & responsible  government. This idea would never be seen as a serious proposal to keep pubs open because the public know that visiting the pub for a meal or just for social reasons has never been so popular. Sometimes it is very good that "times have changed". Most of the public would recognise this regressive proposal as an appeaser to the tobacco & drinks lobby, not a serious attempt to save "dying" pubs that are obviously out of touch & belong to a different era. Call in Mary Portas!

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