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prevent children aged 10 and over becoming schedule one offenders

Comment 3rd July 2010

As the current law stands any person over age 10 who harms a child,  if found guilty by the Court can be charged under the schedule one offence which remains on their record for life.

The term schedual one offender has since been changed to "risk to children". Unlike the sex offender, it this status means any harm to a child including

  • Any offence involving bodily injury to a person under 18

Why does this matter?

Working in the youth offending team services we often find children aged 10 to 18 with the schedule one attached to their record because they had hit a child in a fight and been found guilty. There have been times when the victim has been 17 and the perpetrator was younger.

As adults this has implications for their future and often they are not aware they hold this status and the realisation of this status can ruin lives, end relationships and careers.

There is guidance in the home office circular 16/205 but that is all it is a guidance. The law needs to be changed so that people don’t fall through gaps and become known as risks when the circumstances were as such that they are not a risk to children.


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