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prison terms should be fully enforced

Comment 7th July 2010

Offenders should be made to serve the full term of the sentence passed down, there should be no time off for good behaviour, all time spent in prison should be of good behaviour. Also life should mean life. The length of the sentence could be determined by the monetary value of the offence, arrest and trail. Prisoners should be made to work and paid the going rate for the work done, from this should be deducted their keep, their support for any dependants, rembursement to the victim and the remainder should be used to offset the cost of the offence, arrest and trial. Only when these costs have been cleared would the offender be released from custody. Then it can rightly be said that the offender had 'Paid for their crime'

Why does this matter?

The unfairness of offenders being released from custody whilst their victims are still suffering from the effects of the offence. Victims should have more civil liberties than affenders who have removed themselves from these basic human rights by their actions.

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