prisoners to pay for their own time in prison

Why should retired people who have worked all their lives and saved responsibly so that their own children can gain an inheritence, have to use that money to pay for a retirment home so that those who have wasted theirs get a place for free.

Why don't we use prisoners money to pay for their time in prison. Any money they have saved or earnt, goes to paying for the up keep of prisons. Save money by stop giving them ensuit cells, with tv's, playstations and luxuries (it's ment to be a punishment and a deterent) and not spend so much money on convicted criminals meals, when patiants in hospitals need it more.

Use the money wasted on the above to pay for elderley care and to improve NHS meals and services.

We should also use the money to invest in programmes to help those who do not want to re offend, and families who feel so desperate that sometimes crime seems to be the easier and better option.

Why does this idea matter?

we should encourage responsible living, care for those who are most vulnerable and most in need. Crime should not be an option. We wast so much money on those who, really, shouldn't be getting it.

Prisons should be a deterrant to try and keep crime down.

The poorest families need real options and real support. Crime should not be an option.

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