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Properly elected governments.

Comment 13th August 2010

Properly elected, democratic governance would be a start!  Political education of the masses ~ far too many of the people of this country are ignorant in relation to politics.


Our governments don't listen to those who they represent…oops, actually they do.  They just ignore the majority of the British public.  I am sickened by the return to Thatcherite rhetoric and policies, albeit dressed up in ways that are aimed to soften the blow of the old iron fist.

Does anyone on this forum really believe that their ideas and views will make any difference at all to governmental policies?  Wake up! It's merely a sop to bamboozle people!

Why does this matter?

Because the real people in this country need to wake up!  We have been sold down the line time and time again because the elected governments are not representative of the people. 

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