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Proscribe ACPO and seize its assets under PoCA

Comment 19th August 2010

Proscribe ACPO and seize its assets under PoCA. Use the proceeds of such assets to offset public debt.

Why does this matter?

ACPO is at best an unnecessary extra layer of bureaucracy between the Home Office and the police service.

Chief officers of police already have a trade federation which all that is necessary for their joint approach to the Home Office on any subject of mutual concern to its members.

ACPO is just another paper empire providing lucrative pseudo-jobs for the boys at horrendous unaccountable public cost, but exerts significant malign influence upon society.

It actively promotes highly questionable/illegal activity on the part of police services, such as the continuing defiance of the ECtHR ruling in Judgment 215 [GC] which effectively ruled the harvesting of SPD by ACPO vested-interest shareholders for sale by ACPO subsidiaries illegal.

The present private limited company was set up to allow NuLabour to introduce and implement its anti-democratic policing policies and legislation, and constitutes an illegal influence over local police services amounting to a back-door national control which destroys the local accountablility of such services.

The powers which it has arrogated to itself should be immediately restored to the Home Office.

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