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1 Comment 8th July 2010

Dear Nick,

Why not remove the offence of prostitution and replace it with ‘using a prostitute’.  All revenue gained from prosecuting the clients of prostitutes should go to help and rehabilitate the prostitutes. 





Why does this matter?

I served as a police officer in London for 16 years. During that time the law on prostitution always struck me as a gross injuctice.  

The life of the average prostitute could be summed up something like this:

Largely female but sometimes male; abused as a child, most often physically, mentally and sexually; leaving home to escape the abuse; falling into the hands of unscrupulous,  controlling and abusive men; disenfranchised; sometimes with mental health problems; shunned by wider society;  drug and alcohol addicted and forced through their addiction into prostitution to serve their pimp and their addiction; raped by clients and pimp alike and eventually end up in prison.

I know this through dealing with prostitutes who have been raped in the most appalling manner. 

The law as it currently stands makes it an offence for a ‘common prostitute’ to solicit in a public place. The offence is committed solely by the prostitute . The client however, more often than not, wealthy, successful enfranchised, a respected member of society, in a position of relative power, commits no offence.

The law on prostitution is a licence for one human being to exploit another very vulnerable person who far from needing prosecuting, needs societies help. 




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  1. George Geal says:

    im a whore myself, i charge at a fair rate email me….

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