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‘Protecting’ people in prison in order to ensure no need for them suing.

Comment 31st July 2010

There are stories of attacks among inmates by other inmates such as razors in toothbrushes, drenching with boiling water, and there are stories of inmates suing because they slipped in the shower.

What I propose then is that on entering prison, they not be allowed toothbrushes or hot water, or to be allowed to shave since after all it will ultimately protect them. They also do not need showers: they can wash using a plastic bowl of cold water.

It is for their protection that we ask that they not be allowed hot tea, hot coffee, hot soup or anything like that. They can survive cold sandwiches, and cold tea for a few years.

They can also be sewn into their clothes if necessary in order to stop prisoners garrotting each other with socks or whatever.

Why does this matter?

It'll make it harder for prisoners to sue if they're so safe.

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