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Protection of burglars’ identity

Comment J.Mills 18th May 2015

We continue to see reports in our local paper of burglars convicted, and asking for large numbers of other offences to be taken into consideration. Most have a record of similar offences stretching back years. Yet police are apparently not allowed to confirm or release the identity of these people to, for example neighbourhood watches.

Offenders with long histories should lose their rights to privacy, with their identity released to Neighbourhood Watches.

Why does this matter?

We have a growing tendency in the UK to look the other way.  Police encourage us to report ‘suspicious behaviour’ but most of the public, not wishing to be ‘nosey parkers’ assume the best.  If we knew who we were looking out for and what they looked like we would be more likely to report them.

We have a concept of professional burglars and opportunists, but the middle class of criminals that commit burglary sprees between sentences may well be the larger group and seem unaffected and undeterred by the legal system.

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