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Provide Motorway REST AREAS

Comment 13th August 2010

As many motorist will acknowledge, we don’t do rest areas alongside our motorways in England for some strange reason. Take a trip along a continental motorway and every 10k or so there is a Rest Area,with parking to take a rest and probably toilet facilities, not a full blown service area with fuel and restaurant facilities.

Our government think it’s safe for us to keep going when tired for the next 30 or on the M25 60 miles or so in order to reach a service area for a safe place to stop.

And if travelling From London down the A303 to the SW of England you drive past closed down service areas near Andover that have been blocked off to prevent you even parking there.

So as the safety signs remind us ‘Take a break tiredness kills’ but I’m not sure where!

Why does this matter?

To save lives

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