psychological evaluations for educational (medico-legal and legal) purposes

There is an unacknowledged and therefore unidentified and untreated core body-mind condition called converted or latent handedness: better expressed as a mis-match between the writing and the adept hand. It has potentially all pervasive and generally negative effects on individuals, families and ultimately society as a whole.

In an educational context, currently SEN legislation states that any SEN Statement requires an educational psychologist's assessment. But educational psychologists are not trained to identify nor treat the condition. If like me, a former member of the British Psychological Society they were to so identify the condition, they will, like me be struck off the BPS Chartered Register. So either the relevant SEN legislation needs to be repealed or it must be a condition of BPS Chartered Status that all professional psychologists be appropriately trained.



Why does this idea matter?

The issues are multi-faceted.

The condition is identifiable and therefore treatable in the European Union (in particular under Dr Barbara Sattler's Centre in Germany) but not in the UK.

Given that the condition is implicated in a variety of surface 'learning difficulty' problems, personal interactions, PTSD recovery and Employment Tribunal Cases, it crosses a number of government departments and professional disciplines.

Two indications of the vested interests in opposing the recommendation are to be found in the comments on MP Graham Stringer's Dyslexia is a Myth article: a multi-million pound (ineffective) business and the position of the British Psychological Society, who regard those identifying the condition as not acting as a reasonably competent psychologist.


My MP, David Mowatt, who has considerable insight into the issues involved is actively supporting my campaign to bring the condition to the attention of professionals, academics and the public.

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