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Public Sector economic, efficient, and effective spending efficiencies

Comment 2nd July 2010

Public Sector Costs Reductions without threatening standards of essential and desirable services deliveries by authorising vetted Arms Length Inspectors(-with ENHANCED CRB Check Certificates) from outside the public sector to visit without notice for optimum verification of all claims and reports.

Re-appraisal of re-introducing The Rate of Return on/of Capital Employed for some Performance Measurement in The Public Sector.  The previous government abolished it in 1997/1998.  Note that the private secor has profit as some measure of performance but the public sector has NOTHING comparable.

Arrest continuing wastages of public funds within The NHS; and, misappropriations of Overseas Aid by corrupt recipient governments.   Re-appraise ringfencing and protecting both from cuts – this only condones continuations of mismanagement and maladministration.

Quangos such as local LINks which cannot demonstrate cost-effectiveness with added value contributions(-which the elected and appointed cannot do) should be shut down, particularly those which have been discreetly hijacked by agents for sellers of goods and services to the NHS and Social Services.



Why does this matter?

My ideas will most certainlt improve qualities of lives of citizens and residents, and, reduce some costs of government.


I am available, able, willing, and, have tested and proven competency to contribute appropriate leadership; how about pilot projects?  

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