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Public Sector Job Advertising

Comment 30th August 2010

Not strictly business, I know, but an idea to broaden the base of recruitment to managerial posts in the public sector.


Why not remove the monopoly held by The Guardian newspaper over the advertising of managerial posts in this sector?  Stipulate that such posts should be advertised in the recruitment sections of a specified list of papers which would include a broad range of political views.  In time, the public sector would have to interview and appoint people of a broader range of views than are perhaps found among Guardian readers (no disrespect to them intended).

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because, as I suspect the Coalition will discover, the public sector seems to be run by people with a relatively restricted range fo views based on a narrow political ideology.  The public sector deserves better.  It deserves to be run by people who better represent the views of the nation as a whole.

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