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Public sector pensions and early retirement

Comment 2nd July 2010

Public sector pensions need to be changed, abolish all final salary schemes and it should be matched employee and employer contributions.

WHy should a private sector person pay more into a civil servants pension than into their own during their career? it is simply wrong.

In addition there should be NO early retirement for teachers, police, doctors etc. They should work till 65 the same as the private sector, unless they choose to resign and leave earlier. 

I know many public sector workers will disagree strongly with this, but it is simply unfair on the whole of the country who cannot afford it. 

Why does this matter?

It is important as the country cannot afford these pensions. It is common knowledge that the NI we all pay now is being used to fund the pensioners of today. We all need to be aware that in 20 years this country is going to be in a worse economic state if it has to pay out all these fabulous civil servant pensions, simply because these people were employed by the government.

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