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Publish A List Of All Stupid Legislation Introduced By The Last Administration

Comment 22nd July 2010

It seems to me that the majority of the people posting on this website are, like me, angry and frustrated at all the civil liberties that have been eroded by 13 years of Labour mis-management and loony ideology, and are impatient for change, even though the coalition, to their credit, do seem to be moving quickly.

 But the number of posts on this website is huge already. For the first time in years, people are actually being asked what they feel, and are making their voices heard, loud and clear. But consequently, really good and important ideas (and I've seen lots on here so far) risk becoming lost in the maze.

So, why not publish a list of all the daft legislation, useless quangos, etc., submitted within a given time  (there has to be a cut-off time) then let the contributors here prioritise them?

Why does this matter?

When trying to sort out a mess, in order to get anything done, it's important to keep things simple and focused. Limit the time available for suggestions, sort them, prioritise them, then if appropriate, act on them.

Too many words, too much detail, and the whole 'Let The People Have Their Say' idea becomes bogged down, and will result in simply talk – and lots of it – not action.

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