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Pull down the fences, walls, railings and balustrades from our towns

Comment 18th July 2010

Ever been to Denmark or Holland? It's strange at first, but then you realsie you're no longer in a prision.  You cross the road where you like, you can use parks when you like and go where you like.  Why are we treated like farm animals? Time to do the same in Britain.

Pull them down for a greater sense of space and freedom, and save money in the meantime. Council budgets could be cut as councils could make money from the scrap and save money every year in the future.You would probably also want to pass legislation preventing people suing local councils for their own stupidity where there wasn't a railing.

Why does this matter?

It saves a lot of money at local council level. All those railings at the side of the road apparently cost over £200 per metre!! You can get a fortune from the scrap value and from less maintenance in the future.

It gives people a sense of freedom and space and puts pedestrians back in control of the streets.

But the most iniquitous development of all has been the 10ft high prison fences that have gone up around every school in the country.  No wonder kids are obese and delinquent. They have nowhere to play! And they grow up living in a prison! I come from a small village community, and there is now this 10 ft fence around the school playground. It's just weird and it must cost a fortune (Nor is it going to stop a mad gunman, in fact it makes life easier as the poor children are now trapped in a cage – whose idea was this?!)

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