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Pulse-modulated microwave emissions from masts and mobile phones

Comment 28th July 2010

Since residents and their pets – 2 got cancer – in my village suffered many symptoms immediately on activation of a phone mast near their homes, I have been studying the reason for the symptoms! Finally, after getting help from  Barrie Trower an expert on microwaves and Andrew Goldsworthy- expert on human biology, I know what is causing damage to human health and our whole environment!

It is the Pulse-modulated non-heating aspect of microwaves emitted from masts and phones which make us ill – causing damage to individual cells wherever they enter our bodies!

Individual Cells form impermeable skins when they sense emissions and cannot communicate with other cells – still living, they continue to develop into benign tumours or carcimonas. The microwaves pierce the skins and take calcium from the cell – in the brain -this is what causes Alzheimers in the old and Autism in the developing foetus in the womb!

In the heart and circulatory system the results are heart attacks; arrhythmia; nose-bleeds; raised blood pressure and strokes.

The worst aspects of microwave emissions are Tetra; Wi-Fi and Wi-Max. Wi-Fi in schools should never have been allowed without preceding stringent tests as children are particularly vulnerable – and there is evidence of damage to Chromosomes and the Human genome.

When have parents or teachers been given the informed opportunity to protect their helpless children against damage to their health? I consider Wi-Fi in schools to be an illegal experiment

 – See Barrie Trower's 'Open Letter to the Chair of the Police Federation' on Tetra being forced on policemen-quote:-

'I believe that this is breaking the law.** If your Officers are not informed of all aspects of this experiment; it contravenes the “Regulations and Ethical Guidelines” – Directives for Human Experimentation – Nuremberg Code (enclosed).  This is to say that the risks of all radiation experiments must be understood before it is started and it cannot be against their will.  At your Airwave Conference 23rd October 2002, your Dr Levey told your Officers: “Use it or resign”. 

 When I told the HPA of my discovery that epidemiological testa in Switzerland had proved that emissions inhibit melatonin – without which we cannot sleep, and insomnia being the main symptom in Kensworth – they refused to investigate on the grounds there is NO PROOF. The SYMPTOMS are the proof! See:Dr Neil Cherry;' EMR reduces melatonin in animals and people'. I hear rumours that the HPA is being abolished! That will save millions of pounds on useless tests which since the late 1990s have proved absolutely nothing -especially not that emissions are safe – because that is impossible!


Why does this matter?

My idea is important, because people are deliberately being kept in ignorance as to the dangers of these emissions. So far, the government has listened only to our 'protective' agencies when setting the 'safe' permitted levels of emissions. The advice of Michael Repacholi (of the WHO and ICNIRP) to take into account only the thermal aspect of microwaves, and our 'safe' levels ignore completely the non-thermal emissions which make us ill. YET! Repacholi himself proved in 1997 that the same non-thermal emissions used to irradiate rodents brains caused cancer of the brain – lymphomas. A few days ago an articlein the telegraph commented on the large number of young children having strokes! There can be only one reason for the increase – the proliferating invasion of our environment by microwaves! I loved my mobile phone – completely addicted from 1986 until 2004, when I realised the danger after 2 years of investigation.


We need emissions to be lowered as in the Salzburg resolution – to 0.1 microwatts. Ours are now highest in the world at 450 microwatts. The honey bees communication system is puls- modulated, and Microwave emissions interfere with it when they try to communicate with their antennae. This can be measured on an oscillograph. See: Disappearing bees:

“In 1974, the Russian researchers Eskov and Sapozhnikov found that bees generate electromagnetic signals with a modulation frequency between 180 and 250 Hz when they do their communications dances. (It is important to note that our GSM mobile system is modulated with 217 Hz). Hungry bees react to those frequencies by erecting their antennaes [8]. Warnke reported that the communication impulses of the antennae when touched by a fellow bee can be measured with an oscillograph [9].”

This clash of modulation is a valid explanation of the disappearance of these irreplaceable insects – 1,500 beekeepers in France alone have gone out of business recently and America has accepted bees from Australia to replace their lost bees.

As humans also have electrical impulses in their brains and bodies it is obvious, that of course long term chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiofrequencies is going to affect us badly!

Smart metres should not be placed in our homes! Wi-Fi will affect us all in some way. I and many others will be unable to live comfortably in our own homes. In addition – I have heard that this is a surveillance system which will enable the powers that be to spy on innocent people going about their lives wthout harming anyone. My wonderful Conservative MP has been helping me for many years in my efforts to make this country comfortable and safe to live in as it always was – I am hoping that the new government in which he is now thankfully ensconced will insist on lowering emissions and removing Wi-Fi from our schools.


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