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Comment 2nd July 2010

I am fed up with being bombarded by coldcallers on my home landline during evenings and at weekends. I resent having my evening meal interrupted either by people trying to sell me something (recently a windows salesman rang me on a Sunday morning!), or what is even more obnoxious, a recorded message telling me about how to wipe out my credit card debt! a) I don't  have a credit card and b) they can't even be bothered to ring me in person and yet  are very happy to disturb MY peace in the privacy of MY home!

We all lead frenetic lives and the down time we spend recuperating in the evenings and at weekends is extremely precious to us all and to family life. Please make it illegal to coldcall after 5pm and at weekends. I run a business myself and I appreciate the marketing value of coldcalling, but there is a time and place for everything. Outside hours, I feel it is at best an infringement of the householder's civil liberties for their private space to be invaded, uninvited, and at worst  is tantamount to harrassment! I am sure that many people will agree. Our free time and  privacy in our own home are sacrasant – come on, let's start defending them! (The same goes for junkmail and spam by the way – please make it harder for these companies to bombard us unless at our request and easier for us to get them to remove us from their database – please make it harder for them to obtain our details in the first place. Let's make data protection work in our favour for a change.)

Why does this matter?

My idea represents the defence of our civil liberties, that of protecting our privacy , our homelife and family life. These fundamental values are being undermined and gradually eroded on a daily basis. Coldcalling outside hours is a pernicious threat to domestic life on a national life. It is a gross infringement of our right to privacy in our own home and borders on harrassment. It should be outlawed with immediate effect!

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