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quality care commission

Comment 11th August 2010


Dear Prime Minister

Need to abolish quality care commision

for professions that are already heavily regulated such as dental surgeons

unneccessary work and duplication . Creating another layer of red tape giving power to

managers who have very litle experience of the profession.

Great step in abolising PCT and having one single contract ,, 4 years of wasted resources and red tape. More time spent away from treating patients and more time spent form filling and ticking boxes

DR  Raj Mistry

Why does this matter?

IT is imporant in reducing  red tape , improving efficency and improving care for patients by letting clinicans get on with the job at hand rather than more time on unneccesssary admin

Under labour the public sector employs 2m more people doing the same job as before they came to power. All these exta people need to justify their existence !!

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