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Race Equality Should Apply Both Ways or Not At All

Comment 7th August 2010

Race equality should apply both ways or not at all. This is no longer the 1960s where isolated and marginalised immigrants had to beg for work and had no-one to turn to. Discrimination still occurs, but there are now many Black and Asian run businesses.

Does anyone seriously believe that some of the smaller businesses abide by Race Equality Laws?

That they have a diverse workforce?

That they publicly advertise vcancies?

That they even advertise in English or use English in the workplace?

That they buy goods and services from diverse suppliers?

No, some of the smaller businesses only advertise jobs through their religious community, in their ancestral language. If they advertise it is in a minority foreign language paper. They give preference not only to their own ethnic group, but to people from the same ancestral area. They speak a local dialect in the workplace.

When it comes to goods and services – accountancy, legal, building work, suppliers – they buy from their own.

Discrimination is at the level of Ethnicity, Religion, Language and even ancestral area.

And don't get them started on Gay rights.

Ethnic monitoring and Diversity Strategies are non-existent.

Some ethnic groups are among the worst racists, having unprintable opinions about other ethnic groups, particularly ones from different continents, but also blatantly discriminate against the indiginous White UK or White European population.

The Race Relations Laws should be applied to ethnic minority businesses equally, or they should be abolished.

Why does this matter?

Large numbers of the population are being systematically discriminated against.

Natural justice demands that equality laws should be symmetric.

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