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race relations

Comment 8th July 2010




Repeal it . It only favours asians we are afraid to speak our thoughts on any subject about the asian community. The local authorities and police are affraid to do or say anything because of fear of being accused of bias when in fact we non asian are being unfairly treated.I want to be able to speak openly without fear of prosecution.

The asian community are playing on this law for their own advantage just as they use the human rights act to get away with terrorism.  

Why does this matter?

The labour government have admitted they have created bias towards the asian community for their own ends.

We need to get back to a country where no none is afraid to express their opinion and all people are treated fairly.

The race relation act was not necessary in this country and has created greater divisions in society particularly in the north of England if the act is not repealed what Enoch Powell predicted will happen.I can assure you that resentment is growing because of the favouritisment shown to asians because of this act.

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