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Racing on roads

Comment 15th March 2013

To ban cycle clubs being able to organise racing on public roads.

To ban local authorities from closing public roads and city centres for "special events" like marathons and cycle circuits.

Why does this matter?

Motorists, lorries and motor bikes pay a road fund license but are banned from "racing" on public roads.

Why should cyclists who pay no road fund license be allowed to contine to participate in races be they personal or organised by a club.

Such racing cyclists are a danger to themselves and other road users.

All racing on public roads should be BANNED at all times – no exceptions.

Public roads should not even be closed for events like marathons and "around city centre cycling events" . People who pay for the roads should be able to use them 24x7x365. Such events are for the minority who are usurping the silent majority of their basic rights.

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