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Radically revise university admission policy

Comment 28th July 2010

I see little point in large numbers of students going straight from school to university, just to get any old degree, spending three years learning how to consume large amounts of drink and emerging somewhat unemployable. I therefore suggest the following-:

1)  All students should first experience a year' s paid or voluntary employment or VSO, if that still exists.

2)  Courses should be sponsored by an  employer, as relevant to that employment, after say one year of at least satisfactory service.

3)  More general courses should be completed in 1-2 years or perhaps less with only normal holidays. There is nothing sacrosanct about 3 years.

4)  Students should normally live at home, as in many other countries, and there should be fewer universities, each offering more choice. This also avoids the build up of student debt.

5)  A graduate tax is unnecessary and would need a bureaucracy. Tax should follow earnings.


Martin of Sevenoaks, an ancient graduate

Why does this matter?

My idea is important because university education is costly, but is a privilege not a right. In straightened times we need good value for money and an appropriately educated workforce

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