Raise the age for purchasing take away alcohol above that for on the premises consumption

Raise the age at which you can buy alcohol in closed containers for consumption off the licensed premises above the age it can be purchased for on premises consumption. This measure would go along side guidance to publicans on how to encourage young people to drink responsibly.

Why does this idea matter?

There is a problem with people in this country abusing alcohol. I’m sure that no one needs to be told about the violence, vandalism, accidents and health problems that alcohol causes. What we need is a measure that will help to train young people to use alcohol responsibly.

People learn a lot of their drinking behaviour at an early age. Off-licences are an easier target than pubs for underage drinkers. This results in a number of peoples first experiences of alcohol being in a local park or down some back ally with a group of peers that have little more idea than they do.

By raising the age for off premises alcohol we would force young people to have their first experiences in a controlled environment where a licensed publican can keep an eye on them. By preventing young people getting hold of alcohol to pre-load with, for a year or two, it would get them used to the idea that you don’t need to be drunk before you even turn up to the pub.

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