Raise the drinking age

Most binge drinking is done by people in their early 20's, raising the drinking age would thus:

  1. lower police costs or at least mean the police have more time to deal with other offences
  2. lower health care costs as there is less long term damage to the liver and fewer fights and trips
  3. raise productivity, if at university or at work people will have fewer hangovers meaning productivity increases
  4. fewer driving offences – lowers deaths and injuries and means people will have lower insurance claims

I recognise that there would be some problems – people still might sell alcohol to the underaged who regard it as rebellious and so cool. However if a fine was placed upon the offence it would bring in money and stop rampant alcoholism. It would also encourage people to drink sensibly.

Finally brewers might protest that they're losing a lot of revenue. However with fewer drunk youths on the streets more of the older generation may be encouraged to go out thus increaing revenues.

Why does this idea matter?

This idea is important because it encourages healthy living. Not only that but it would (hopefully) both cut costs and raise money for the government though maybe not a lot. It would keep on doing this in the long term effects it saves people from and means less organs are needed meaning fewer people die for want of an organ.

Sorry if I haven't set out my idea clearly and concisely. 

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