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Re-do the benefits system

Comment 16th July 2010

The benefits system is a mess.  Too many agencies involved (and paying too many people for that) and paying people for not working!  Why do I work so hard to give my tax money to those who can't be bothered. Doctors sign people off work too easily to get disability benefit and I'm paying for them too – WHY!

There are genuine people in need of these benefits, I want to give the genuine people more (like careers of people for example), but we need to stop paying people for doing nothing and being lazy.

Why does this matter?

The government is paying far too much money to people that can work and can get other income if they could be bothered.  Others need more money and deserve it, surely a better system can be put into place to make this happen without paying lots of money to several agencies that don't communicate with each other (and when they do have meetings that accomplish nothing).

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