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Re-gain the managment of the rights of the people by the people of this country

Comment 11th July 2010

Repeal the Human Rights Act.


Why, Simple it is a classic case of the road to hell being paved with "good intentions". Leaving aside whether the EU should be able to control every single aspect of the lives of all its citizens, (which is another issue) the Human rights Act was genuinely belived by those who brought it in to be a good thing for all right minded and fair playing people.


What has happened is that it has been hi-jacked  by criminals, foreign nationals, the feckless and lazy as an excuse for getting what they want without doing the work to achieve it. This is not exlcusive I admit but the moment somthing does not go their way all of a sudden their Human rights are called into question.


The judiciary have exaserbated  this situation by upholding many if not all claims and the only way to deal with the issue now is to repeal this act and replace it with one under the sole and direct control of the Parliment of this country and get back a vital lever of power.  

Why does this matter?

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