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Re-instate Cannabis BPC as a licensed medicine!

Comment 18th July 2010

In 1970, Cannabis BPC tincture was a licensed medicine in the UK.

No discernible benefit has come from its withdrawal. No- one danced in the street when it went.

A great many of the diseases which non- psychoactive cannabinoids have potential threapeutic use have risen sharply since 1970. For no benefit, a great cost has been incurred in human suffering.

To give one example only, the cannabinoid delta9-THCV,  is effective in reducing appetite in mice. We have a problem with obesity, which contues to escalate.

Those who approve of prohibition, endorse the denial of something that could help the obese.

Why does this matter?

 There was no specific problem associated with the medicine Cannabis BPC before it was prohibited. But there are many very significant problems it might alleviate.

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