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Reassesment of Residential Planning Permissons

Comment 16th July 2010

I think the main question is……

Why do I need anyones permission to replace my windows, move an internal wall, to take up the soil in my garden and put a driveway down,  Why do I need permisson to do anything to my home when I own the propery????

I think this needs to to be re-evalutated, I mean do I have to ask a car manufactures permission to change the windscreen, or replace the wheels, NO why? becuase I brought the car and it no longer has anything to do with the manufacturer.

If i purchase my home, I own it, not the local council.

I Believe that for most works that need to be done to a home shouldn't need permission from the local authority, However I do think that some kind of survey or assessment could be needed for certain structial modification to ensure the work is safe to carry out.

Why does this matter?

Opens the way for people to personalise their homes.

Removes the costs involved in getting planning permisson for cosmetic changes.

Giving Homeowners freedom.

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