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Rebalancing employment law for small businesses

Comment 5th July 2010

At present, if  employees want to leave their employment they only need to give a month's notice.  With a small business in particular that could be extremely detrimentall.  However the employer would find it almost impossible to dispense with an employee who, even after the proper procedural channels, is not performing his duties to a satisfactory standard.

The view seems to be that employers are bad, employees are good and this is not the case in most small businesses.  We care about the people we employ and work hard to keep them and pay them.  But things do go wrong occasionally and we are extremely restricted in what we can do.

The law needs to be rebalanced so it is fairer to employers.

Why does this matter?

The recovery will be based to a great extent on SMEs and their power to employ more people.  If the law makes it increasingly difficult (all the discrimination laws, Health & Safety, obligations on us financially etc), it will not encourage people to grow these businesses and return the UK to prosperity.

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