Redefine ‘gravity knives’ so that ordinary locking penknives are not included in the definition.

Gravity knives are a class of military knife where the blade drops out of the handle and were banned by the Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act (1959). However, recently HMRC in Mount Pleasant have recently been treating ordinary locking penknives with smooth opening action as gravity knives and seizing them – ignoring the fact that these same knives are often sold openly in high street shops. This has meant that ordinary law-abiding people cannot buy from cheaper, foreign traders. I would remove the ban on gravity knives as they are simply irrelevant to knife crime.

Why does this idea matter?

Repealing this law is very important because I believe that the law is being misused by HMRC Mount Pleasant as a way of seizing otherwise perfectly legal penknives. British consumers shouldn't be prevented from buying from abroad and owning legal penknives.

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