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Reduce health & safety intrusion

Comment 16th July 2010

The drivng force behind the Health & Safety "industry" is the size of the pay-outs that are made to sucessful claimants. The law should be revised  so awards are capped so the "no win no fee" legal business became unprofitable, then the whole H & S culture would wither away. Furthermore, claimants should have to provide far more proof that the company/ authority have knowingly acted (or not acted) in such a way as to cause the liability. 

Why does this matter?

Health & safety laws have in many instances become too oppressive, preventing ordinary folks from carrying-out quite ordinary or, traditional practices. Companies and local government have armies of staff employed to enforce often draconian rules at great expense to protect them from compensation claims. The concept of "no fault" accidents should be restored, a culture of looking for somebody to blame for everything has pervaded all areas of British life.

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