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Reduce Packaging

Comment 17th July 2010

Review and repeal as apropriate all regulations that result in unnecessary packaging of goods.

Why does this matter?

The disposal of waste is a major problem in this country. The majority of waste is packaging that in most cases is entirely unnecessary. The burden of waste removal/recycling rests primarily with private indiividuals and local councils, complicated by all the many different waste receptacles, once fortnightly collections etc. In all, it is a complete mess. If the majority of the unnecessary packaging were not produced in the first instance then the problem would hardly exist. Much of this packaing is brought about by regulation – health and safety, food hygiene, etc. Repeal these mostly unnecessary regulations and stop the production of the waste at source, i.e. with the manufacturer/supplier. Additionally, use materials that lend themselves to sensible recycling. The old fashioned glass bottles with a returnable deposit woked extremely well in the past – similar approaches might be more sensible now than "biodegradable" plastics (which still have to lie around for an awfull long time before they actually do degrade.)

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