Reduce Police Costs AND Improve Freedom of Speech

Reduce Protest confrontations by limiting same day or location of secondary counter demonstrations from occuring and thus save money as well as reduce friction in the community, and agression and violence on our streets.


1/ Those who protest agains the war should not be permitted to protest at the same places and times where soldiers are marching to commemorate losses/celebrate their bravery.

2/ BNP and anti-BNP groups should have seperate protests either by the location or the date.

The tests I would apply is here is one of historical violence and size of protest as well as whether the secondary protest will prevent the first from freedom of expression at all. If the groups are known to be peaceful and of a reasonable size then this change should not be applied.

Why does this idea matter?

Currently there are demonstrations/events about various things around the UK many of these demonsrations are about hotly contested subjects and people get rather vociferous and angry about them.

I support this – it is part of what makes us great.

However there are also many many counter demonstrations around the UK in opposition to the same.

I support this also.

The Problem is that currently secondary counter demonstrations are interfering with the right to protest of the demonstrators, while at the same time wasting police resources and causing fear and instability in the areas where they occur.

I think this could be stopped while retaining fully the "right to protest".

I support all forms of protest but some groups are using "freedom of speech" as a cover to prevent the very freedom of speech of others and doing so at taxpayer expence.

Finally, it does not help the cause of the secondary protesters to be seen as violent thugs who are inevitably attracted to protests that have such confrontation.

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