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Reduce Targets for all Public Sector

Comment 7th July 2010

Cut and remove all Public Sector Targets in all areas. 

Why does this matter?

Statistics of Crime/Disorder and those associated with Health / Education etc and other services are generally of no worth to the General public.  No one when a victim of crime,  an injured person attending A+E have generally never asked or would ask for this information.  The public are merely wanting to have a service tailored to meet their needs and such organisations should be allowed the freedom to do this to the satisfaction of the communities.

Figures can be deceiving and manipulated to make a best fit but the service offered to a community member will have a lasting and if done properly a lasting impression of the goes society we live in.

There should be no local, area or national figures.

This process will also free up posts held by both Government and organisational analyts to perform a more beneficial role towards their retrospective working environment.

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